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Video lessons, tips and drills for players, coaches and tennis parents.

Tennis Red Backhand - Move, Stop & Hit Towards Targets - ...

Players move and gradually prepare for a backhand.

Tennis Warm Up - Split Step Over Mini Hurdle & Jog to Net - YouTube

Players do ready steps, then a split step over the hurdle and jog towards the net and back.

Tennis Technique - Balance Serves Through Ladders - YouTube

Players take 4 tennis balls from the basket and hit 4 balance serves moving through the ladder.

Tennis Catching Exercises to improve Hand Eye Coordination ...

Various catching exercises with one tennis ball and two tennis balls.

Tennis Forehand Self Rally Fun Challenge - YouTube

Players start in their own service box, facing eachother. Each player hits a self rally forehand trying to move their opponent around to win the point. A pla.

Tennis Drills & Lesson Plans For Coaches

Tennis Drills & EDUCATION for Coaches We're More Than Just Tennis Drills

Tennis Lesson Plans | WebTennis24

Tennis Lesson Plans | In this section you will find tennis lesson plans which represent the way we conduct our own classes.

Group Games and Drills for Group Tennis Lessons

Looking to find a fun way to improve your students' tennis skills?

Drills for Players and Coaches (2021 Update)

A total of 73 awesome basketball drills and games that you can use at practice to develop players, have fun, and get them competing.